18 June, 2008


Maybe I'm not managing my time well. It all seems to be slipping away from me. I have so much to do and not enough hours and at the end of the day? I still feel like I haven't accomplished much. My MIL, Cookie, told me once how she was constantly frustrated when her kids were little because when her husband would build a wall, or set up the sprinkler system, or some huge task, everyone (her self included) would cheer and praise his big accomplishment... and somehow, everything she seemed to do was undone within hours and needed to be done again, over and over again-- with no one cheering.

I'm sure I am not alone in my frustrations. Other SAH's or WAH's must feel this way sometimes right? Lucy is two and I have a child with special needs,but I still think I should be able to get a lot more done. But lately? Well, I am just too tired to tackle the big stuff. Probably depression? Normally when I get the blues I start to kick-ass. I was told years ago that this kicking-ass part is just another way that people cope. I am hoping that the kicking comes back soon, I have a LOT to get done.

In other news.. we had a terrific IEP the other day. Jake will be evaluated in all categories including ABA, which we have never previously pursued. I feel like he finally has the ability to physically sit still long enough to benefit from this kind of learning, and he has been doing discrete trial learning in the classroom set up by his teacher Janet. I think an outside set of eyes can help determine a good home/school plan that will help him keep moving onward and upward which he seems to be doing lately.

He went on the second grade field trip at school. The entire second grade went to a local children's discovery museum. I was actually a chaperon and had not just Jake, but TWO other boys in my group. Anna, Jake's regular aide was out sick, so Lala went with us. She was great with him, and it allowed me to actually have this small but "mixed" group. Of course one of the kids was George, Jake's buddy from the other classroom. He continues to be one of the nicest children I have even met. The other boy was Freddo, who I had never met before. He was shy at first and rode to the museum on the school bus..but he asked to ride home in my van with Jake. It could have had something to do with the little tv showing ShrekII, but I will take it how I can get it. Jake was such a good boy all day. I think he was thrilled to have his friends in the car with us, and I think I may try to take all three boys to Gilroy Gardens or some other fun over the summer.
I have always thought the the children at Jake's school were nice kids. Of course there are going to be a few bad eggs, but on the whole, well-mannered, well groomed, good spirited kids. I was thrilled to see all of "our" second graders behaving so well at the museum. I watched with dismay those kids from another school not sharing, blocking the stairs, pushing each other, running inside and generally not saying excuse me if they stepped on your toes. One of our kids asked so nicely to use a toy (that the other child had TWO of) and when that child said "no", our kid reiterated that he would only have it for a minute, and when the response was still no? Our kid said, well, okay, and pretended-on in his game without the toy, leaving the other kid standing there with lots of toys and no one to play with. I think I am going to write a letter to our school principle letting her know just how great our kids were, and how nice it was to see all of the school mission statements being played out in public.

To Do:
Lucy thank you cards for amazing birthday gifts from friends and family
Letter to Jake's principle
Call the Director of Special Ed and talk about scheduling evaluations
Pack Jake for camp (he leaves this Sunday)
Pack Lucy for Cookie and Papa's house (she leaves on Saturday)
Pack Jennyalice and Descartes for anniversary trip (leaves on Sunday)
Buy a new coffee pot

Hey--my dad is in town. He finished up his grades at the college, cleaned up his office and came up here this morning. He will be here until Saturday morning. I believe Lucy is calling him Grappa now. So she has Grandpa, Papa and Grappa, Grandma, Oma and Noni. Pretty lucky kid. I am just so excited that he is here. He is an easy house guest, happily reading on the couch, offering love to children passing by.

Tomorrow I will take my dad to coffee so he can meet Squid, Liz, Badger, Ep, Jo and the incomparable Barak.
[just so you know I had to take a break here because Lucy is doing some self-potty training and decided to drop her drawers in her room , but whne she couldn't find her little potty she bacame upset, and apparently, while I was happily sitting in the backyard on my laptop enjoying a cool breeze.. she crapped all over the place and was very distraught by the mess. So the Daddy hosed the girl and I crawled around and cleaned poop off of every surface where it was, and most surfaces where it wasn't as well. I also scrubbed out the cushion covers from the million dollar glider that is in the room, and her pajamas.. all covered in poo. Who knew that the NT kid would present me with more poo problems than the "special" kid?]

Lucy goes to her last day of daycare at Nanny Kidwell's house tomorrow. Nanny is moving on to preschool pastures and a matching 401k. Sux for us, but a smart move for her. It has been a great place for Lucy to grow and learn.. and get out of my hair! HA! We bought Nanny a pretty ring with a blue stone to thank her for her affection, determination, structure and warm heart. I am so glad we got to know her and her two wonderful daughters (who can still babysit!)


I need to make lists now. Lots of lists.

Maybe I am feeling a dose of ass-kickery coming on? Maybe?
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