21 June, 2008

"I'll Miss You Daddy"

Yup. That's what our two year old said as she hugged Daddy one last time. She packed her Princess purse (thanks a LOT Squid) with her keys (an old key attached to an old doggie collar tag, her cell phone (princess phone stolen from cousin Bubsy), a kitchen timer shaped like an ice cream cone (a "time out timer" from Monster, we keep calling it a cupcake) and a small zebra.

Lucy gave her brother a hug, sat in my lap and held me, then marched out to the car. She waved good bye from her car sear, asked Papa to "Turn engine on please." for the A/C and they left for the week. That is one independent kid.

I cried a little. A little because I will miss her. A little because my "baby" is able to be without me for a week!

and a little because she was able to tell me she loves me and tell her Daddy that he will be missed. Those last two are a few messages we don't get to hear from Jake, though I know he thinks them. I am just so thankful that Lucy can communicate all of her emotions. It seems silly perhaps, but today, again, it feels like I have witnessed something amazing.

Jake walked everyone out to the gate, and initiated goodbye to his Papa. He is getting very good at ducking into people's arms for a small cuddle. Friends and family have noticed him initiating this more and more. He build relationship in his own way with each person.

When my dad left this morning Jake walked to the door too. Now it may be that he just knows he has a chance to escape, but I think he really is becoming a part of the good bye process without needing prompting. It was so nice to have BIAD here. We went crazy at the teacher supply store buying Lucy her birthday presents (art supplies, enough for a preschool), and he got to meet a bunch of people I know, even Sage made it back from Tahoe in time to meet him. He got to see Lucy swim and drop Jake off at school, eat Amici's pizza (one of our favorites) and help me pick out a new coffee maker. He also relaxed on the couch and read a few books, which is probably exactly what he needed.

Now back to packing Jake for camp. My house is suddenly very very quiet. It is still very hot, and we saw lightning in the distance. Hoping Jake's camp remains fire-free this summer.
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