27 June, 2008

Anniversary Trip Day Six: Picking up the kids

We left Sebastopol early and picked up Lucy at Oma and Papa's house. It appears she had a great time. They look exhausted, but happy. Lucy falls asleep in the car the minute we pull out of the driveway.

We drive across the entire bay to pick up Jake from camp, stopping only briefly at home to drop off some of our belongings and to pick up Jake's five point harness car seat.

Jake looks happy and tired. His counselor is precious, kissing Jake on the forehead several times before we leave. His English accent makes Jake sound even more "brilliant" than Sam claims he is. It was a good time for both of them and Jake looks very well taken care of, though he is rather grubby from all of his dirt sorting. I'm his mom so I can tell he's skinnier.

We stop at a drive through on the way home to get Jake a vanilla milkshake. He sucks it down in five sips. We stay at home all afternoon, everyone playing quietly. Descartes and I are beat. We have driven nearly 1200 miles since Sunday afternoon. Jake has a nice long bath and is sound asleep by 5:45pm. Lucy follows just an hour and half later.

We are so lucky.
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