20 June, 2008

Forget What I Said Before...

There are not many ways this time could be better managed. No matter what, it takes 20 minutes to get across town, 15 minutes to get dressed after swimming, 9 minutes to get gas (if there isn't a line), 1 hour at the pharmacy (if there is a line). It takes 1.25 hours to grocery shop including drive time, and another 12 minutes to put it all away.

I got to lay down for 8 minutes just now. My dad is still here so he was watching the clock for me. Lucy got sneaky and stole the Eucerin and made little blobs of it all over her face. She had already undone a jar of very expensive shea butter and honey cream downstairs and spread it allover Descartes' alarm clock while I pulled the wet clothes into the dryer (3 minutes). She is tired so she is being naughty, but also refuses to lay down.

She is currently in Gappa's lap counting the number of things in whatever book they are reading. I think she has grasped the concept of counting now, and can easily get to 7 by herself no prompting. Quite often 7 is followed by the number eleven. Hmmmmm.
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