22 June, 2008

Anniversary Trip Day One

(Lucy was picked up Saturday afternoon by Oma and Papa... we are down to three of us at the house.)

Sunday we finish loading up the car. I am able to sweep the kitchen floor before we leave. Jake is excited about Camp as we drive away. Our bikes are on the back of the Not-so-Mini Van. The trailer hitch scrapes the driveway as we make a right off of the hill. We don't care. My suitcase is filled with clothes I'm sure I won't need, and a bottle of really good aged Cab that I'm sure we'll want. We have Rockst*rs, and Lifesavers and we have remembered Jake's sleeping bag and pillow.

Jake is safely deposited at Camp until Friday. He has an awesome counseleor, Sam and his counselor from before Liz is the cabin head in charge of his cabin. Jake is quiet, and happy and we leave the Santa Cruz mountains knowing that Jake is in good hands.

Miles driven: 21.6 Time: 2:45pm Sunday June 22, 2008

We take off. Descartes has loaded the CD folders with an amazing collection of music. Lots of it is oddly enough from ten years ago. We realize that this is not because we loved the music then (although we did like a lot of it) but because this is the last time we spent money on music. Withni one year of being married we spent 8 weeks in Europe (which is a reasonable way to spend money..) Then we got pregnant 6 months after that, and bought a house 5 months later.... there goes the music budget.

It is hot and a bit smoky as we head inland, but the car has just been tuned so the A/C runneth cold and the air filter removed all of the large particles. We had to the center of California, and keep going. We check in with Oma and Papa. Lucy is precious on the phone. She apparently is he mother's daughter as she has decided her new bedtime is many hours after it should be..but she still wakes up before 7am. A little miniature both-end candle burner. That's my girl!

We decide to stay in Groveland, CA. The Hotel Charlotte is technically booked but they have an "off-site" property.. which is a house. So we rent the house, drop our stuff and drive into Yosemite for the evening. It is more than a little bit cool that we have managed to go to Yosemite for dinner. The park is packed, but the beer is cold and we find a table to eat our pizza and salad. We listen to part of a park ranger lecture about the Firefall as the bats fly about. Then head back to our house for the night. Along the route home we stop at a vista point and watch the stars for a minute and gaze out at a roaring fire across the valley. It seems like there are more fires than we have ever seen before in previous years.

The house is cool and quiet. The bed has three mattresses and takes a ladder (practically) to climb into. We drink a beer, toast our good fortune and sleep well.

Miles driven since last stop: 252
Total Miles driven: 273.6
Time: 11:45pm Sunday June 22, 2008
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