02 December, 2007

Yeah, I Guess I'll Keep 'em

I had the nicest times with my children today.

with Lucy at a birthday party, a woman actually said to me "I want a daughter just like yours." I'm not sure there is a compliment that could be better than that..

Then this afternoon we, as a family, went to dinner, and Jake was such a good kid, and ate everything I gave him...then was the most precious child at Home Depot, where we decided to get our Christmas Tree.

He was SUPER spaz, but there was a chainsaw sound and three hundred people vying for the perfect tree.

We had so much fun, Lucy in Descartes' arms, Jake and I running into the near empty corrals meant for smaller-sized Noble firs.

We took home a tree that had clearly been discarded by another family. We did not wait in the 50 person line to have the end sawn off and the branches gently bagged. We just bought it and threw it on top of the Not-so-mini-van

We now have a tree WITH LIGHTS in our house.

I put on the birds of peace, pairs of them with ribbon tied between their beaks.

I wish hope and mostly peace on this world... and more locally I wish for hope and peace in my family.

great party Squid.
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