04 December, 2007

Hmmmm.. Let's Take A Look

this was a post from the other day.. I am a bit in denial right now about Jake.. I am so worried that I am afraid to write anything because I will need to think about it.

December 4, 2007
So we are going to get an MRI. He probably does not have a brain tumor. Most people don't. But I realized yesterday that just because Jake has global issues, seemingly impacting every aspect of his physical being.. even though he is all that and a bag of chips... this does not preclude Jake from afflictions which hit other "typical" kids...like cancer, and tumors and broken arms and acne. It is possible that something else could happen to him.


I have decided not to worry until there is something to worry about. I have told everyone what to look for in terms of seizures, and double checked his room to make sure there is nothing sharp he could land on should he fall. He went to the neurologist. School is aware. There is nothing else we can do except wait for the MRI or wait for the symptoms to go away

went to school today and had no apparent problems. His foot is still dragging, but no apparent seizures.
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