19 December, 2007

I'm Almost Back

Jake's MRI went well today. He is such a good boy. We had a very very hard time waking him up... I think he was finally relaxed and just wanted to sleep.

I figure we won't get any news for a bit.. unless the problem, as Descartes suspects, is a squirrel infestation. In that case I am quite certain we will get a call tomorrow.

Jake is still dragging his foot. He is still crying every day after school. He is still randomly waking up at 3:30 in the morning and only rarely going back to sleep.

We are exhausted. Descartes is sound asleep on the couch..has been for a few hours. I folded laundry for 45 minutes just now, trying to get everything washed an packed by tomorrow night, since we are gong to a holiday party on Friday evening, then leaving early on Saturday for SoCal.

Things I did this week because I am so worried about Jake:
  1. be in serious denial
  2. ate candy
  3. poured myself a cup of Southern Comfort and Amaretto (don't knock it till you try it) last night at 11:30pm
  4. highlighted my hair, at home, after a cup of SoCo and Amaretto, when it didn't really need to be highlighted, since my hair is fairly blonde naturally.
  5. completely forgot to thank profusely everyone who volunteered to help me last weekend when I went away, and this morning when we needed to go to hospital ("go to hospital"? what am I a Brit?)
  6. neglected every single task for Can I Sit With You? Please go visit the site..please submit your own stories. We are fast approaching a commitment to do a second book. If you submit your story it could be in there!
  7. fixed my lame overly processed clearly highlighted-while-drinking hair with "low lights"
  8. ate pasta four times.
  9. made dough for Pfeffernüsse ,
  10. ate some lasagna.
  11. talked to my sister for several hours.
  12. bought hundreds of dollars worth of new cell phones..the kind that I can really use to do email. Merry Christmas.
  13. left our Holiday card unfinished.
  14. went to Target three times and bought, and bought and bought.
  15. neglected to write anything worth reading by any one.
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