20 December, 2007

Aside from the Dragging Foot and the MRI

On Tuesday at school, Janet, Jake's teacher decided that instead of Pierre waiting for all of the other children to get settled in on the bus, he, for once, would be able to get on first.

Pierre is in a wheelchair. Wheelchairs always go last. Pierre always waits, patiently and with a smile, but Janet decided that maybe the other kids could wait just a couple of times a week so Pierre could be first to load on to the bus.

You cannot load walking kids at the same time the wheelchair bay is open.. it is a four foot drop if someone makes a break for that back door, and besides, the wheelchair responsibilities occupy all of the bus driver's attention for those few moments.

After explaining to the class that Pierre was going to go first and that they would all wait for their friend, Anna tried to get a head start and put Jake on the bus anyway while Pierre was getting loaded on. She was going to just buckle him in to save some time I suppose.

Anna walked Jake to the door of the bus. He took a step forward, then turned around,

looked Anna in the eyes

and said,

"No. Wait."

He refused to get on the bus until Pierre was strapped in.
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