25 December, 2007

Christmas 2007 Part Two

What a beautiful morning. The sun is shining the palm trees are actually swaying in front of my hotel room balcony. We are the luckiest people in the entire world.

My daughter likes to eat jelly straight out of the jar...and run around nekkid.

My son could live all day in the shower here. It is 5 feet by 7 feet with a soft-toned but well placed light imbuing the entire shower enclosure in a warm, cozy hue.

There is nothing open on Christmas day. Not in Newport Beach. We know this. We knew this, and yet somehow we still decided to "go grab lunch" instead of ordering room service again. I'm not sure why I was so price-resistant. I couldn't bear to spend 60 more dollars.. which is kind of silly because a) my parents are treating us and b) that's just about what lunch for four costs no matter where you go around here.

We found a Chinese restaurant open on Balboa Island RiceLand. Lucy slept while Jake and Descartes and I ate Chinese food in the car. The we drove to the park near my mom's house to let Jake run around before he would be required not to.

When we got to the park, Lucy was still sleeping so Descartes slept in the car too while Jake and I went over to the play area and scared all of the other parents there. I swear they were afraid their kids would "catch" whatever Jake had. I don't think we get as many stares in Deadwood City. Maybe I am used to my neighbors, or more confident, or Jake is more comfortable in his own zone so he looks more "normal", but these people were a little afraid I think of the gigantic 7 year old who was on the kiddie play structure in a little ball with his head twisted upside down (so he could look 'directly' at everything) making crazy cookoo noises. Don't forget that every once in a while he would hop up, make a big noise and run, hands at half staff flapping just a bit, and the sand from the top of his head flying everywhere. Got to overhear a great conversation about how none of them could live without their nannies and television to occupy their children. I am so looking forward to finding new help for Jake in the new year.

My mom and dad's house looked beautiful, as it always does. It would be a beautiful house without anything in it, but they have exquisite taste and they both love Christmas so there are little Christmasy things everywhere and a gorgeous tree and bless them, a tent outside where the china and glassware gets set up and the door closed so the kids can still play in the family room.
Descartes and I had already discussed asking my parents if Jake could open his presents before everyone else got there, and they were happy to accommodate. It was great. Lovely new flannel sheets, and a million other things, and the best present... from my step sister Sarsaparilla and James... three wind-up tops that you place on the ground, smack with your hand then they spin and light up with great colors. We all thought they were cool, and of course Jake loved them. She is always so thoughtful. You can tell she really searched for something age appropriate that he would enjoy. It is such a great feeling when people embrace your kids.

Dinner was fantastic, Gerard made smoked tri-tip, we had a ham and scalloped potatoes and and sundry yums, and, of course, my favorite beverage--champagne. Jake went to sleep in the back bedroom, Lucy was precious and did NOT have the first melt-down of the evening... an all-around success for our little family.

Late tonight I got to thinking about Bubsy putting out carrots for reindeer and milk and cookies for Santa last night. It was so precious and so painful to watch. Of course we have never had a kid who asked to do those things, and we never offered... we never offered. Wow. That alone was enough to bring me to tears tonight, but let's add the fact that we have never spent a Christmas in our own house. Every Christmas of Jake's life we have been in Southern California. I am a firm believer that it should never matter where you are, but who you are with on any given day. My home is where Descartes and my kids are...but we never had a kid say "How will Santa find me?" or "Can't we sleep at our house for Christmas?"I think we may be at our own home next year. We can go to SoCal the weekend before Christmas and have that time with my family... or who knows, by this time next year I will have forgotten my tears on the balcony and just have memories of this beautiful view.
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