30 July, 2009

WunderSkool Here We Come!

Jake has been accepted into the program at WunderSkool! I know it may not truly be a panacea, but today it feels that way, and darn it, I am gonna take that feeling and savor it for at least a few days. We already have the transition meeting arranged.

and... there might be room for Lucy at the local awesome day school... what to call it? Maybe Woodstock? They will call me in the morning.

and...I found sweatpants at leTarget for Jake for to use as pajamas at camp.. he leaves *tomorrow* He is very excited.

and... no one is sick at my house

Howz 'bout in celebration y'all forward an email to every person you know and get them to sign that petition we've got going!

Ask Mrs. Obama to help form an Autism Corps. Please sign the petition http://tr.im/sa3y and while you're at it, join the Facebook group! http://tr.im/sbWD

Have a great day.... I am!
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