23 July, 2009

Things that Make Mommy Want to Double up on the Wellbutrin

  • Clock reads 7:54am and I can see that with my head on the pillow next to Descartes' head, and I can see he has his eyes closed. Jake should be at school at 8:00am. [family flies out of beds and races around]
  • Being told that Jake "hit" a woman in the hall yesterday.
  • Upon further questioning, discovering that perhaps Jake just had his arms spread out wide and grazed her as they were walking through the wall.
  • Being told that the difference between hitting someone and grazing them as you walk past is "semantics".
  • Trying to leave an environment before you "graze" someone, and trying to endure people who want to chat with you.
  • Bursting into tears in front of your toddler.
  • Explaining to a little sister that their big brother is very unhappy.
  • Hearing the little sister explain to me that "Jake just doesn't want to go to the classroom with BB because I don't think hims likes her."
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