13 September, 2008


we've never really had a kid who played pretend in our house. Not initiated the game on their own, although we play tickle monster with Jake, and say all sorts of things while wrestling.

Now we have bears to hide from, and pretend beetles named Sophie (and Sophie's brother and Sophie's daddy too)

and just now, Lucy sat on the floor with a fairy and a Polly Pocket and the two little people had a whole discussion about having playtime together and they decided to be friends and play patty cake. Then they climbed a mountain and got to the top and said "Good job friend! We did it." Now they are at the fairy's house and they are singing a song about being friends and going to sleep. They are even saving a place to sleep for someone's brother.

She just asked me for a brother dolly.

One little person has "a nice haircut", which was met by "thank you nice thing a say [sic]."

In Lucy's make believe land all of the little people share and are kind to each other. They compliment haircuts and say excuse me.

It is also sweet because in this little world of hers, the brother talks too. And he always has nice things to say to his sister.
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