08 September, 2008

I've Been Hiding

Not really. But I have somehow avoided real life for nearly two weeks with travel and family, so I suppose I've actually been living my "real" life instead of blogging about it.

I've actually had so much to say lately that I didn't really have the energy to write it down. A few things...

Jake has been doing okay in school. His new aide Lynna is young and strong. She appears confident, and gets along well with the other adults in the class, which I think is key to Jake's success.

Jake cried every day for two weeks in the morning before school. We would get two blocks from school (at a stop sign near a 7-11..and since he's never had a negative experience there, I had to assume it is his last marker in knowing that he is indeed going to school). He wold cry with real tears. Something that doesn't happen very often. Only when he's injured...or very very sad about something.

It would take him another 40 minutes at school with Janet comforting him and talking about change, and how Anna still loves him, but she is working somewhere else now before he would begin to be okay. Eventually he would calm down and has had pretty good days.

We shall see. Sadly there is no real way for me to observe Jake with his new aide without becoming a part of the environment. I expect that Janet will keep me informed, and Jake's home aide is also in the class, so while I don't like her to "spy" for me, I know she would say something if it was a bad match.

For now I am home with both kiddos. Jake has a cold. He slept until just a few minutes ago, and Lucy is happy to stay in her jammies and watch a kid show in the living room). She spent her days in SoCal with paper dolls and pink castles and the full attention of Grandma, Grandpa and mommy, her time further punctuated by adoration from her cousin Bubsy, aunts and uncles, and a whole other set of grandparents. She's an outgoing kid but I think even Lucy is enjoying being left alone this morning. We are skipping her swimming lessons this morning so as not to torment her brother by dragging him along.
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