12 September, 2008

Every Action

has an equal and opposite reaction:

Jake off of his Adderall XR:
  • more verbalization
  • more silliness
  • less able to sit in class
  • more clearly visible by his reactions that he is "there" because he is making sounds and laughing appropriately at funny things
  • I feel like I need to research every drug on the market to find him a new drug that will help him focus without losing what little verbal ability he has.
Travel to Tahoe, Southern California, East Bay and everywhere else we went this summer:
  • Lots of great memories for kiddos and grownups
  • Nice things to reference in the car when we there is a crybaby Lucy who misses her cousins
  • Out of control laundry and suitcases that have not officially been unpacked completely in over a month.
  • Nagging feeling that I am behind
I have finally done all of the laundry:
  • can't find any time to fold it unless I am awake at 2am
  • can't find anything because it is in a gajillion baskets all over my bedroom
  • brief sense of accomplishment until I open the dryer and find more clothing that, while clean and dry... is still magically not going to be folded and put away.
  • constant feeling that I am behind
Date night with Descartes on Thursdays:
  • happy husband and wife who actually talked...to each other.. throughout an entire dinner about more than just who needs to go potty.
  • less cash
  • less time to do crappy laundry (see above)
Can I Sit With You? book number two being published this fall:
  • whooo hoooo excitement and thrill of accomplishing something meaningful
  • constant feeling that I am behind
Lucy is most precious bright star:
  • no sleep for precocious toddlers in our family apparently because she has not been asleep before 11pm more than once in the last two weeks.
  • I am worn out by 10 am each day
  • have seriously contemplated nearly full time preschool/daycare so at least someone can stimulate her for 8 hours a day.
  • breath-stealing guilt that I am sometimes annoyed by her smart, capable, little personage, after my oft-mentioned heartache of having a child with disabilities
Finally took care of myself and went to the doctor for shoulder pain:
  • not only do I have a rotator cuff injury, but something is f'd up in my elbow as well.
  • need to go to physical therapy 2-3 times a week for at least a month
  • personal mini-crisis wondering how the hell I am supposed to be strong enough to care for my disabled child when I am only going to get older and weaker
  • guilt for not going to the gym regularly so I could have avoided this injury, be in better shape and live a healthier life for me and my family.

I am now going to clean the guest room, one room, (I can do it) while Lucy is FINALLY taking a nap. 

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