11 October, 2007

That's All I need Folks

So Lucy went to Nanny Kidwell's house again today and played nearly all day long... happily!
I think it's going to work out. Jake stayed at school all day (though it was a minimum day).. so guess what? I got to complete my errands...like this one:

Went to Barns Ignoble to buy a present for a friend (Squid actually.. her birthday is soon, uhm, now, actually, so go wish her a happy day!) and I went in, read the backs or jackets of several books, read a few more, selected two, went to the counter, waited in line, paid and went back to my car and pulled out of the space,,, and exactly 8 minutes has passed.. What? Seriously? I can do all of that in 8 minutes? Amazing.

When I went back to Nanny's house she asked me if I had taken a nap, "You look so well -rested. What did you do?"

In no particular order, here are the things I completed while I had "alone time" for the first time since August:
  • went to the grocery store
  • returned my rental car
  • picked up my Not-so-mini Van from the shop
  • went to the library to select books for home-bound patrons
  • went to the book store
  • folded (at least) two loads of laundry
  • put away at least 50 board books scattered across the floor
  • vacuumed under the cushions of both couches
  • vacuumed the entire upstairs of my house
  • polished a section of the hardwood floor
  • emptied a very full dishwasher
  • loaded it again to the max
  • curled my hair
  • brushed all of my teeth
  • put on makeup
  • changed my clothing
  • talked to the gardener
  • pulled some weeds
  • went to the bathroom by myself
  • cleaned out the fridge
  • got the mail
  • took out the trash
  • paid some bills
  • put medicine in the dog's ear
  • checked my email
  • checked every one's blogs
  • visited with Sage and Ki
  • read more submissions for Canisitwithyou.blogspot.com
  • talked to my sister, my mom and someone from Sears.
I did all of these things from 10:55-2:08.

three hours and thirteen minutes?
That's all I need folks.
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