21 October, 2007

Rockin' Daddy

While I was at brunch today with a most wonderful group of women, my darling hoseband took both of my children to a pumpkin patch (which they had to abandon because the line was too long to pay for the over-priced squash) then proceeded to Safeway where he purchased 4 pumpkins.

We just carved our two (mine is on the left, Descartes' is in the middle). Lucy drew on hers..that girl is dangerous enough without a sharp object in her little fist, and Jake, well, he circled about, but seems to be just fine having his pumpkin remain un-scarred; his is on the right.

Who are we to say what a pumpkin "should" look like at Halloween? Jake's the smart one.. He's probably hoping I make pie with his unblemished pumpkin.
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