28 October, 2007

Data Download

  • Helped Descartes finish the planter in the back yard. (We poured the concrete and set the posts last weekend.) Bought the lumber for the borders. Redwood is very expensive.
  • Spent Friday night playing "Did Jake go out the dog door?" ALL NIGHT LONG. The answer most times was "no." Spent a good portion of this morning researching very expensive (like 500 smackaroos) radio collar unlocking dog doors so dogs can go in and out but children cannot (unless they steal a dog collar..which would, at this point, not surprise me.)
  • Celebrated BQ's 40th birthday last night. Dinner, then fun conversation and staying late at the English Pub near Stanfurd. Good times. Cab fare home only 25 bucks. Cabbie almost drove into a wall near my house.. not good
  • My back is so screwed up that it is "buzzing" in my thoracic spine area. Kind of scary. It is burning right now.. thinking that is not a good thing.
  • My children made it through a most delightful Halloween party, managing not to particularly set-off my dear friends' children. Jake has a unique ability to ruffle feathers with his lack of following directions and all. At one point Jake was surrounded by little girls in Disney Princess costumes. Lucy ate three rice crispy treats...at least. So apparently Tinkerbell is a pig.
  • Remembered at 5:08pm that the flu shot clinic ends at 6pm at our doctor's office... raced the 12 miles and made it in time, with no line...and, get this:my kids didn't cry! Well, Jake did try to bite the nurse, but only because she was holding him down, and that does not fit into his happy place.
  • Discovered through much mind melting research that perhaps the reason the guest room computer is slow is because one of the applications, or the OS itself has a memory leak. Fixing said leak requires much more work. We have had the computer for nearly 4 years and i have managed to just open it up and swap out parts etc. I hate terrorizing the environment with all of my technology upgrades, (I would rather place my carbon footprint elsewhere!) but it may be time to get a new system.
  • Jake has NO school this week. None. Not a drop. Hoping for lots of nice days at the park since we can't even escape to Papa and Cookie's house because they are de-constructing walls to put an ELEVATOR into their house. Jake is not happy to be in a wheelchair lately ( and I don't blame him since he can walk...) but it does mean I need to come up with a better idea so that we can safely venture out of the house without him running off. My wrist is rotten from being twisted around when Jake does his famous spin move in an attempt to break free.
  • Can I Sit With You? submissions keep coming in. So exciting. Please share your story. I would love to publish it, and the deadline for publishing is coming up.
  • Must go to bed
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