15 September, 2007

Shiny, Bright and New

Didn't mean to but we bought a new refrigerator...and a new dishwasher today. We just went to Home Depot to get a wallboard T-square to make hanging drywall in the downstairs bathroom easier.. but we decided to peruse the appliances because after the Friday morning discovery that the Otter Pops were melty in the freezer..we knew we were going to need to buy a fridge very soon...

One thing always leads to another in my house. So after reading all of the rebate information, and doing way more math than any two adults should try to accomplish without: paper, a pen or sleep, and certainly more math than anyone should do with a stomach full of yummy siesta-inducing Mexican food, a little girl who is testing boundaries by shrieking every time she wants attention, and a very bored (but well behaved) son in a wheelchair...we figured out that if we chose a Maytag fridge over the KitchenAid or GE profile, we would be able to get a dishwasher too..and still have it be about $500.00 less than any other fridge I had seen that would fit the narrow space we have for a refrigerator. sooooooooo... We took the floor model of the fridge, saving $800.00 (but in return had to do self-delivery) , and the dishwasher will arrive on Wednesday and be installed so I do not need to deal with that...

Deal of the year for us. Descartes took the Not-so-Mini Van back to HD with our trailer attached (yes, we own a trailer..a rear end of a pick up truck..how's that for white trash?). He was gone for nearly two hours, maybe more... and when he returned there was a fridge standing up in a pick-up bed, parked behind my house, looking like the Westin Bonaventure Hotel on Los Angeles.

It was massive, and the longer it sat there, the heavier it got ( I swear!) and truly, the hotter it got until I contemplated wearing oven mitts as we maneuvered it off the back of the trailer, down a makeshift ramp and onto solid ground.

We figured it out, and it is safely plugged in and filled with our savories and sweets, but not before we: nearly took out a rain gutter, an overhead light fixture and the screen door, and not before removing both doors of the appliance.

It was really, really not easy, but like most things in our little life, when Descartes and I work together, we are nearly unstoppable. www.canisitwithyou.blogspot.com
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