18 February, 2010

Some Things I Know (Now)

  • a 3.5 year old with a fever will either be lethargic, and look terrifyingly close to death, or, when properly medicated with Motrin, be bouncing off the walls and tearing apart the couch you are using as your own deathbed.
  • a 9 year old with an inability to blow his nose due to multiple disability, can sneeze out an entire cold's worth of snot in one achoo.
  • an adult suffering from walking pneumonia can never get to a 9 year old with an inability to blow his nose due to multiple disability, who has just sneezed out an entire cold's worth of snot in one achoo before it gets all over the 9 year old's pajamas.
  • that same 9 year old, who has been noted to not quite be in the present due to his autism will laugh hysterically at the mommy who is hacking and coughing across the room to get to his nose.
  • there are not enough episodes of "Little Bear" to get through 5 days of illness.
  • that Little Bear show is whack. Dewd that doll dies? A funeral for a doll? A wedding for some skunks?
  • i am quite certain my husband is thankful for his job this week. He probably gets to rest there.
  • i am married to a very kind man who has not complained even once about taking care of whatever needed to get done this week.
  • i have no idea what that man is wearing to work because the dry cleaning has not been picked up in nearly a month.
  • this illness is kicking my arse.
  • if I don't behave and rest Squid will have her ER nurse mom call me, reprimand me, and tell me every bad story she has ever seen relating to pneumonia.
  • when I am sick and don't take care of myself my mom threatens to come to my house.
  • i have awesome babysitters who thankfully have their health and time enough to come to my house and act as another mom...one who can stand upright and feed children without coughing up pieces of lung.
  • my desire to escape to Tahoe is not diminished by my inability to properly breathe.
  • (and I knew this already...) I have great friends who check on me, bring our family food, and cover me at work. thank you thank you.
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