07 February, 2010

And She's Out...

I sat there last night frantically trying to finish my work before I threw up on my computer. I thought I was feeling better, but last night was the worst all week. This half-flu half cold thing does not suit me well. I feel just better enough to do things, then I crash and burn.

I think I am the kind of person who really needs to, I don't know, break. my. leg. before I slow down. Don't give me half illnesses, because I will still feel full-guilty for not accomplishing things. Then when I half-finish, half the things I should do, it will make me want to crawl under the covers when I eventually am well.

I have spent a lot of time with Jake lately since he's been home sick too, and I am just so proud of him, and happy for our family. He's so engaged with the world around him in ways I haven't seen before, or ways I've seen, but now others can see it too. He's tracking conversation and having reactions in the moment, which has happened in the past, but now I feel like he's really "here" all the time, and others can see his reactions as well because they aren't as subtle. He laughs at jokes, and smirks and chuckles when Lucy is being a brat about something. He's been following some directions in such a timely manner that it appears he is actually following the direction. We always give him the direction we want verbally, then usually give him a physical prompt to tell him what to do next, but twice this week (at least), I have said to Jake, while he was at the bottom of the stairs "C'mon up buddy, it's time for dinner." ...and he has come up the stairs and gone to the counter! He has gone into the bathroom with only a verbal prompt, sat down in his chair several times. This bodes well for Jake demonstrating safety awareness.

He's also doing a lot better at making choices using icons and the actual item, and of course I am most pleased when he makes choices between my two hands after I tell him what each hand means. "home" or "park", "ice cream" or "cookie".

The other night Jake came in to my room while I was folding laundry (see mom I do fold laundry sometimes). This was after Jake had gone to his room for the night, but before Lucy and Descartes had come downstairs to "watch a show". I asked Jake if he wanted Daddy to come down and watch a show with him and he made his happy "aYeah!". Descartes came down and the boys watched Top Gear which, along with Mythbusters are two, that's right TWO television shows that Jake seems to enjoy. Most people don't actively encourage their kids to watch television, but for Jake to show preference means he is paying attention to what's happening in his environment, and for him to enjoy programming that happen to be two of his dad's favorite shows, provides one more point of contact for engagement. It also means there is one more thing we can add to the (short) list of things grandparents can buy him for Christmas.

I discovered Jake likes Mythbusters a couple of months ago when he was sitting on the edge of one couch, and Descartes was on the other. I went in to speak with Descartes, sat down on the ottoman, and Jake said, "Ma-aw" in a gentle, but irritated voice. I realized that I was in his line of vision. Descartes spouted that I was a better door than a window, Jake laughed as I moved, and then settled down and proceeded to watch the rest of the show!

Progress, little steps, a happy child, not-so-stressed-out parents...all very good things.


Descartes has just awoken from his pre-Superbowl nap, so now that he can keep on eye/ear out for Jake who is playing solo in the extra-locked down back yard, I am comfortable crashing in bed for a few more hours. I asked Descartes to record the game so I can watch the commercials later.
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