13 February, 2010

It's What I Like About Him

  • You can build anything, fix most things, and figure out how anything works.
  • You bought an Adventure van for your boy.
  • You love your children fiercely.
  • You are a kind and good son.
  • You have a sense of adventure that is tempered with common sense and a proper dose of humility.
  • You will at least try almost anything I bake or cook.
  • You are so strong. I don't think we've ever encountered something you couldn't lift, or pull along, and watching you scoop up one of our injured children melts my heart every time.
  • You've helped me move 6 times.
  • You bought me cheese for Valentine's day. Cheese!
  • You can dance. Yes, you can do the white-man overbite, but you can also dance like a gentleman, and I love going to weddings with you when I know we'll be able to twirl across the floor.
  • You are still married to me in spite of the fact that I forget to let you lead while we are dancing.
I love you more each year.
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