29 September, 2009

A note from Jake's Teacher

"He walked around the school and played soccer (kicking the ball towards the goal). He had a good day. He ate yogurt with the spoon, a little messy, but he ate independently."

So I am calling that a good note home. Jake has been so happy, and calm when he comes home. Tired I'm sure, but a happier child in general. We've been able to walk him down to the van in the morning (we do this as a family with Lucy still in her pajamas most days...we look pretty darn hilarious.) and walk him back up at the end of the day. He has walked nicely to Lucy's class to pick her up after school, playing on the kiddie carpet while we pack up her things each day.

Lucy is thriving at school. Wednesdays we've added soccer, which she love *loves*. She is just growing up so quickly.. how cliche is that? We just finished watching The Wizard of Oz with her. She really enjoyed it, and when I told her I didn't like the flying monkeys when I was younger she reminded me that a) she is very brave, and b) it is just television. It was a great experience to sit on the couch with Descartes and Lucy and eat popcorn and watch a movie like that. Perhaps this next year will provide an opportunity for Jake to do something similar. He is much better in theaters than Lucy, but it would be so lovely to snuggle as a family.

Jake turns 9 on Thursday. Nine Years Old. Wow. Finding a gift for him has always been difficult, or at least it's been hard since he officially left the baby years. This year I think we've decided that we want to get him this bike trailer by Wike. We have the smaller version which he can cram himself into, but it really can't be comfortable for him. He loves to go on bike rides, but I don't see him having that physical capability for awhile, if ever. That is just a lot of coordination. One set of grandparents offered to send him to Winter respite camp, but I am so ticked off at that camp that I really don't want to participate in their shenanigans until they get it together (or at least until I break down and try to get Jake into Summer camp.) I am sick SICK about it.

Actually, it's sort of my "perfect storm" time of year. With school starting and crazy weather and that unfinished summer to-do list. It's always hard for me. I definitely have more optimism and a stronger sense that we are on the right track with Jake, but birthdays are milestones none the less, and I cannot help but note where we are, where we're going and what the road looks like these days. And while I had great intentions, time crept up again, and Jake currently has no birthday party planned, and on his actual birthday I won't be with him. My parents are coming into town on Thursday so we will get together with Descartes' parents to celebrate Jake this weekend. This means sometime between now and Saturday at noon I need to make cupcakes for Jake's class (for Thursday) and a chocolate cake for the family celebration. Lucy has suggested a Thomas the Train cake. Right now we are looking at Duncan Hines.

Despite sounding cranky and awful, I really am feeling happy and hopeful. I'm guessing this time next week I won't remember any of this current anxiety.
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