01 October, 2009

Happy Birthday!

I got a chance to go to Jake's class today for his birthday celebration. He is just so comfortable and happy at school. I brought "naked" cupcakes and cans of that pre-fab icing with some knives from Ikea so each kid could frost their own cupcake. It was very messy, but fun.

What an amazing 9 years it has been. I have learned so much about myself and my abilities and frailties. Jake has grown and learned so many things we were never sure he would learn, and he is hitting another stage of growth... little things, like how he came upstairs for breakfast this morning and sat in his chair to eat, rather than his usual drive-by Cheerio swipe. He stands still to put on his bus harness, and cooperates when getting on his shoes. He is present so much more often these days.. in the moment, and paying attention, wanting to participate, not throwing himself to he ground every 5 minutes because he is so frustrated. He has more patience with us, and smiles more. He put his arm around me when I laid next to him in his bed, and asked for "moh tic" when I asked him if he wanted "more tickles". He is able to share space with Lucy, allowing her to get close to him, kiss him, hug him and tickle him (and "help" open his birthday presents).

and he's healthy, and safe and alive, and ours, and we are happy.

Today, we are happy.
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