25 September, 2009

50's day for Lucy

I did it.. I made something someone could wear! I can officially cross it off my 40 by 40 list I cannot believe I actually accomplished something....from beginning to end. It's been awhile. My sister, Demanda, was here last weekend and encouraged me through the project. She also made a pretty little underskirt with tulle for the skirt, which Lucy found itchy and took off before we left the house.

Descartes' parents are on their way to our house so I can take them to 50's day at Lucy's school, then we will come home, I will race around like a mad woman packing, and we'll drive to Tahoe!

Thanks to Jaster and Demanda for being our weekend getaway.

I think things are coming together a bit for me..or at least nothing is completely coming apart at the seams right now.
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