10 September, 2009

Starting to Breathe

So I had a massive migraine today, and it occurred to me that perhaps my body doesn't understand this new feeling of stability and is going into some sort of hyper drive, creating its own sh*t to try its best to stay unhappy.. because nearly everything is going really, really REALLY well. After a rough afternoon, I am now feeling much better and managed to get finish some paperwork and put together a little board meeting...and heck I'm even writing, which has not been happening very often lately.

The scoop:
Jake **loves** his new school. He runs upstairs for breakfast. He waits at the back door every morning when he is done eating. He is cooperative on the street when we put his bus harness on, and once he is zipped he turns around and gets into the school van and goes back to sit in his seat with very little prompting.

School highlights:
  • Jake said "rectangle" on Thursday, and "thirs..." for thirsty on Friday.
  • He walked around the campus and when he got tired, instead of dropping to the ground in protest, he got into the wheelchair he was pushing
  • He is allowing hand-over-hand help to do ART, and other fine motor like using scissors.
  • When someone tries to interrupt his schedule he taps his schedule book to remind them of where he is supposed to be.
  • He participates in every school activity including yoga, music and P.E.
Home highlights:
  • Jake comes home happy...everyday...
  • We took a road trip to Southern California, and stayed with my parents instead of a hotel. Jake did very well almost the entire time while we were at the house, and only had one (albeit large) incident at a restaurant.
  • Lucy and Jake have been interacting in very sweet ways wrestling and even snuggling in bed with mom and dad.
  • Jake has been awesome visiting Lucy's new school, which he must do just about every day since his bus arrives at the exact time her school lets out. He has been calm, relaxed in a room of three year olds and has not for even once instant given me any trouble walking to and from the car (the entire school is built into a hill.)
Lucy is loving her new school. She took off the first day, went to the opposite side of the room from me and began to play. She turned to the girl next to her and said, "My name is Lucy. I'm going to play babies. Would you like to play babies with me?"

So far she wants to go to school every day "except not on Saturday", and she cannot remember any one's name. She is friends with "the girl with the blue bow", and "the boy in the red shirt." We've met lots of nice parents, and Lucy has apparently been lovely every day. Her teacher Ms. Rudy has even gone so far as to say that Lucy was "always"polite. She does not want to leave school, and it has taken at least 20 minutes each day to convince her to leave with me.

I still have much to do to feel successful at this Special Ed PTA thing this year. I didn't realize that I would actually feel any additional pressure when I changed roles, but apparently Sage did even more than I knew...and here I thought we did it all at Peet's Coffee on Tuesday mornings. We have a pretty good plan in place, but we need to add new member to our ranks so none of these amazing core people get too burned out.

And the house may regain some badly needed order after 3+ years of crazy Lucy and pregnancy before that. All of the clothes in our house are currently clean and folded except what we wore today and what we have on right now. Of course someone helped me get it to this point, but I have decided I am going to need someone to help for a few more big projects.. it didn't get this crazy around here over night, so I am realistic about how long it will take, but little by little, my hope is to cut the amount of stuff in our house by 1/3 by next summer.

Then I will really have space to breathe.

Going to bed now...smiling.
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