17 March, 2008

Tie Me Up

I was telling my friend Pollyanna the other day that I just sort of felt like nothing was tied down in my life right now. Not that things are unraveling per se, just that, well I am used to having most things, even things that are hard or confusing or long term issues, I am used to having things at least tacked down enough so I can go about 40 on the freeway if I had to.

And lately? Lately it feel like it is all going to slide off..everything. I feel like I am behind, and yet going so fast I'm not paying attention, and I am busy accomplishing nothing. I am not getting to phone calls, not getting back to emails. My laundry, while all clean is PILED next to my bed.
Lucy was actually pretty sick this weekend with Hand Foot and Mouth...lovely childhood illness. She had 104 fever and threw up in my lap on Friday evening. She gradually got better and has now been fever-free for over 30 hours, so she perhaps she will sleep tonight and Decartes and I can get a full night's sleep.
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