10 March, 2008

I am sitting in my car in the dark with Lucy finally sleeping in the back seat. It is nearly time for me to get up and start my day. Luckily(?) I am nearly done with my triple shot latte...purchased well before 6am at the drive thru coffee hut. Lucy woke up "in the twos" this morning.

I can handle waking "in the fives", but anything before that? aaack.

Lucy starts swimming lessons this morning...look at me doing "normal mommy" things! Except We are paying more (or rather,Grandma and Grandpa are) so that I am not actually in the water. I decided that we should make the assumption that at any point in time I will need to throw Lucy in the car and race to attend to Jake. I would prefer to remain basically dressed while Jake is in school. Silly I know, but we will take some group lessons when I will get wet too...anywhoo wish us luck with Little Miss No Sleep at her first lesson.
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