18 March, 2008

Hands, Feet and Mouths..lots of Screaming Ones

So my sistow is going to leave early because her boys now have hand foot and mouth too. Jaster didn't like the idea of his boys being so far away from him, sad and sick, so he hopped in his car this morning to come get his family. A bit irrational perhaps, since Demanda and I were going to come up on Thursday night, but a parent's love is kooky like that. I've never been apart from my kids when they were sick, so I can imagine I would be doing the same thing. Of course this week is sort of a big one in his job, since he's a pastor and all, so I'm thinking he weighed one kind of stress against the other and decided that an extra round trip to the Bay Area was worth it to not worry about his kids.
We had a hard week last week. Descartes had a board meeting at the office which always seems to make his office a bit crazy, and consequently makes him a little less available physically and mentally, Jake had early day every single day for parent teacher conferences, SEPTAR had a summer resources meeting which I arranged via a gajillion emails with strangers, then I went to the meeting of course, Jake's aide canceled for no reason and then a good reason for three of five days, I had a doctor's appointment where I had to decide whether I was going to take a medication to take care of myself and finally get Lucy all the way weaned (yes she is still nursing, and at this rate will probably do so until she is thirteen!), and on another morning I had to be up at 3:30am to wait in line to sign up Jake for summer camp. Then Lucy got sick. and then I made brunch on Sunday for Descartes' parents and Papa's sister visiting from Canada, and Cookie's sister visiting from New York. So for Demanda, I am guessing it was not a fun place to visit. This week is pretty much easy, and Lucy is better and childcare is available (I am hoping) and now I can help Demanda with her kids a bit more.. and she's leaving. It is mostly to do with Jaster wanting his boys, but I can't help but feel like I have disappointed just one more person.
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