06 March, 2008


This week has been very very hard with Jake. He has been so "bad" after school, throwing himself around, unable to sit at dinner, screaming, crying, loose-limbed and non-compliant. Jake was so tormented and sad and throwing himself this morning that he:
  • cried real tears.
  • scared Lucy (not on purpose, but he was so loud).
  • reduced me to tears during the sock and shoe phase of the morning.
  • made Descartes yelp in pain from wriggling away whilst Descartes was still holding onto Jake (Descartes' back twisted a wrong way).
  • made me so worried that I decided not to leave the kids alone to shower (Descartes had an early meeting).
Then I decided to try the (DUH!) migraine medecine. 18 mintes later he was calmly riding in the car to school. He was fine all day at school, mellow, (almost like a person who had had a mild seizure?). When he got home I gave him another Maxalt since last time it seemed to wear off around 4pm. He has been the happiest he has been in days.

Duh. duh DUH! One pill and he felt better. One pill. My poor boy.

I do not even have enough room in my heart for the guilt of having not thought of it sooner.
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