12 November, 2007

Veterans Day

I am someone who has a deep respect for Veterans and those who serve to protect our country. I think that the minute you say that in the US today, people assume you love George Bush and the current wars. The Republicans have also hijacked the American Flag.

and just because I went to Berkeley doesn't mean I am always PC, believe in giving SAT tests based on the color of your skin or believe all government is corrupt.

I am somewhere in there amongst all of those ideas, a moderate with a lot of opinions.

and one thing I really strongly think is this: I am thankful that there are people who would choose to wear a US uniform and would choose to protect our country. I am thankful to my grandfather who battled on the beaches of Normandy on D-day... and I pray that we might be able to end the part in Iraq that keeps our brave soldiers there, away from their families and friends for way too many months at a time.

Elections are only 11 months and 3 weeks away.
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