26 May, 2007

What a day

This morning Lucy went and found a step stool and carried it over to the china cabinet so she could talk to the little Hula girl inside.. we have never used the step stool in front of her.. pretty cool.

Forgot to tell good news re:Friday.. a bright spot. Jake saw Shrek with his classmates and loved it.. sat nicely through the whole movie! His awesome teacher called in the am and said that they did not have very many kids and thought they might take a "community outing" .. I being very sick at the time was thinking... "I hope it is to Mexico for a week.." She had the kids buy their own tickets and choose their own snacks at the vendor. Apparently Jake was very good and had a wonderful time.

Today we shopped for a new vanity for the downstairs bath. The old one is mushy at the bottom and growing mold.. just proving that we only do home repair when something is seriously broken... got something decent at IKEA for less than 300 bucks. Which still sucks since it is not exactly what we want.

I just finished pulling up all of the "hardwood" and using a crowbar to rip up the old linoleum underneath... ugh ugh ugh some standing water.. loose toilet I think. Now I am going to search for the wrench so I can pull out the old vanity... hopefully everything can dry out tonight and we can lay new floor tomorrow.. wish we could do the tile on the wall and shower at the same time.. the shower is in bad shape, but that will be another project I suppose. Good news is we are laying some linoleum that is really cool colored.. and we purchased it about 5 years ago.. so that part is practically free.

Who are you honoring this Memorial Day weekend? No one in my family has died in battle..wait, maybe there was a Captain in the Civil War (I am a Daughter of the Revolution.. although I still haven't officially signed up). I will find that out.

My grandfather, Aloisius, Gloria's dad, landed on Omaha beach in the Battle of Normandy,
and lived to tell the story, so I guess I am lucky to be here at all considering 2,400 men (any women?) died that day.
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