12 May, 2007

Pow Wow whap

We went to the Stanfurd Powow this afternoon. It was dusty and a bit chilly and there weren't many places to sit,but the pageantry was interesting and the drum beats, well autistic or not, kids love drums.

We put Jake in his wheelchair, not really knowing how far we were going to need to walk, and Lucy in the backpack. Pushing a wheelchair through a eucalyptus grove is, by the way, one of those times when you are reminded that you have a special needs kid. It is very very hard to push a wheelchair through eucalyptus debris.I mean it's not like we forget, but trying to maneuver our particular leg-hanging-over, hand-raking-up-the-leaves kind of kid.. You do wish for a moment that the wheelchair wasn't there.. that maybe we could get it together enough to have him walk, and he could keep it together enough to stay with us if we let go of his hand.

It would have been nice too when we rolled up near the dancing if someone hadn't said my kid was "blocking the view"...i just breathed in and out and muttered 'have grace' to myself and moved on.

Jake chose to eat Indian Fry Bread. It is nice for me to know that liking donuts is apparently genetic, since that is what fry bread really is.. especially if you add powdered sugar. Oh yeah, did you know I am part Assiniboine. Apparently I am not 'enough' Assiniboine to belong to the casino... and my kids, well they are all washed out. I am the last of it I guess.

Oh dear.. while writing this Lucy has managed to get the snack bag from yesterday and has now spread honey-wheat pretzels all over the living room.

such a good mommy
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