26 May, 2007

All done Urps

In case you were out on Thursday night with me.. yes I did have a stomach virus..and I sincerely hope that the tekillya you were drinking kept you safe from my bug.

Would you like to know what an 11 month old can do unsupervised (or rather barely supervised as I was near comatose on the couch or letting loose my gut in my aquamarine toilet)?

She can empty out your purse (a new one since the other one was stolen) throwing $200 worth of ten dollar bills all over the floor. She can pull every single cookbook out of the shelving and mix said books with the plastics section previously liberated from their cabinet. I didn't realize I owned so many cookbooks and so many "disposable" Ziplock containers! She can also find a newspaper (which I was pretty sure had been recycled already) and strip it into little pieces and spread them all over the house. She did not however cry too much, choke on anything, or learn how to open the baby gate to the stairs.
When Jake came home from school at 3:00 we had a different kind of disaster since Jake is tall enough to get to the counter tops.. he pulled down every single container filled with carbohydrates he could find.. he (and Lucy) ate 1 box of cheez its, about 35 ounces of mini-wheats (yes the frosted kind.. fine I'm a bad mom was this really the thing that convinced you? read earlier posts...), the dregs of a bag of Snyder's pretzels (the bag was almost as big as Lucy and she was carrying it around after Jake got it down for her, sticking her fingers into the salty pretzel dust then licking her fingers) and half a bag of raisin wheat bagels. I am also fairly certain Jake ate some strawberries with the stems still attached.

At 4:45pm I finally called Descartes at work and gently asked when he might be home.. He arrived at 5:12 and by 5:20 peace was restored at the house, children were fed hot food and cold fruit with milk poured the same day it was served. Thank God for the modern man who can manage just fine without needing to ask his urpy wife anything except "When was the last time this teething baby had Motrin"?
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