18 May, 2007

40 by 40

1) take a mini-vacation with my sister.
Went to San Francisco for a weekend February 2009!

2) "Clean sweep" my clothing. Keep the good and get rid of the bad.
I am trying so hard.. gave a bunch of clothes to Sage, and a bunch more to charity. ongoing 2010-2011

3) Read to my kids every day.
I am calling this as good as it gets September 2010

4) Submit a a couple of articles.
I am going to call this one done 2007 with the publishing of Can I Sit With You?
Also featured on Salon.com! March and April 2011
5) Go to Vegas with my girlfriends.
went in March, 2007 for Pink's bachelorette party!

6) Go to the wine county with my husband.
went on our Anniversary trip June 2008

7) Visit the Grand Canyon.

8) See a show in San Francisco.
went to a comedy club with Demanda in February 2009? I'm counting that.

9) Set up a monthly date night with Descartes.
once a week since August 2008

10) Buy nicer underwear.
December 2010

11) Make a budget.
October 2008 with Descartes.

12) Stick to the budget.
May 2011 we are getting there!
13) Drink more water.

14) Wear sunblock regularly.
my makeup (bare escentuals) has it in it!

15) Go swimming in the ocean.
Maui August 2007

16) Join the gym.
Joined the YMCA June 2007

17) Sing in public.
Sang in Pink's wedding April 2007

18) Practice the piano.

19) Buy a new refrigerator.
I cannot believe we did this! September 2007

20) Call and email my friends from college more often.

21) Make a book for my dad.

22) Make albums for each of my children.

23) Write in our daily family journal more regularly.
have just decided that this really is our family journal October 2008

24) Plan an adventure vacation (and take it!)
July-August 2010 I think our cross-country RV adventure counts.

25) Read an average of one book a month.
2011 has been a good year for reading.

26) Finish writing my book.
Which one? We will put Thinking Person's Guide to Autism to print this year, 2011!

27) Ride our bikes in Tahoe.
Fourth of July 2008

28) Have a family photo taken (that's worthy to hang on our wall for years).
My wonderful sister took a family photo of us this summer June 2010

29) Keep posting.
November 2007 National Blog Posting Month

30) Have a dinner party for 12 at my house.
I think Lucy's birthday sort of counts June 2008

31) Have laser eye surgery.

32) Donate blood at least three times.
gave in 2006 and 2007 and again in 2007 and twice so far in 2008

33) Make an ice cream cake.

34) Sew something someone can wear.
August 2007 I have cut the fabric for a skirt for me and dress for Lucy...
September 2009 I made a "poodle" skirt for Lucy

35) Fix the flooring downstairs.
on my way: re-tiled the bathroom May 2007. Bathroom re-model complete August 2008

36) Go to The Big Game at least once.

37) Finish the scarf I am making for Gloria...or some other knitting project, any knitting project.

38) Repaint the kitchen ceiling in either eggshell or satin, but not a little of both.

39) Give without remorse, regret or haste.

40) Do good works with my time; for my family, for my friends and for my community.

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