15 March, 2007

Flowers for Mom

So it is kind of crazy, but Jake has been slipping out words nearly every day. I am writing them on the calendar in the kitchen.

Later when the kids are older, instead of handing them scrapbooks tenderly pinking-sheared at the edges, multi-colored and properly stickered, I will hand them the stack of family wall calendars.. they can match up the photos later, but that calendar is one of the true records of our family. It notes not only what we actually did, the appointments we made etc..but it documents all of the things we planned on doing, all of our good intentions.. along with what we thought was important at the time (mail insurance payment...Jake new wheelchair), and what we really really wanted to do (budget check, dinner with the Shraguers) It also lists every birth, death wedding and baptism. Almost like a family bible. There are flight plans, happy faces next to the word vacation!.. and now, Jake's words.

At the beginning of the month Jake was riding his adapted bike at school with the help of his one-on-one aide Anna. She is amazing by the way. They stopped to admire a flowering cherry tree. They are in full bloom in in Bigtree City, pink tinged and abundant.

Anna asked my son, "Aren't they beautiful Jake"?
He leaned forward, thrust his hand toward the tree, grabbed a handful of flowers and said "For Jen".
For me? for me?
His teacher was so excited she called my house and left a message for me immediately.

It is age appropriate for Jake to refer to me by first time. At this age kids have sort-of figured out that there parents have their own identity.

Later that evening, as Jake was in his bed and the lights were off leaving only the light from the stairwell.. I snuggled in next to him and asked if he had maybe picked the flowers for Janet his teacher. He made no sound. When I asked if they were really for me... he said, very quietly "yeah."

They sent home the one flower that stayed in his hand all the way back to the classroom.

I have pressed it in my Shakespeare tome...on the same page where I saved the flowers his daddy gave me for Valentine's Day in 1996.
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