20 March, 2007

Wonder Woman

both of my children like superheroes. Deciding what to do about purchasing figurines was a tough one. Jake stole a Polly Pocket from his friend Leila...and I mean he totally 100% hid it behind his back as she was leaving... then he hid it in the toy box. so we decided we needed to get him his own action figures.

When Descartes and I hit the store (this was last summer) we had one of those parenting moments..for those people who are choosing to actively parent...uhm what kind of toys do we want our kid to play with? We have been able to decide a lot of things for Jake, purely because he can't tell us what he does want. We just try to watch carefully and support his choices.

So we went with the intent, (okay my intent) to buy him a Polly Pocket set. Once we were at Toys R Us Descartes started to back away from the idea of Polly Pocket and suggested WWE Figurines. I pretty much nixed that idea immediately. We compromised on Dora the Explorer. Of course once we looked at them we realized that they were fat and stubby...exactly not what Jake had liked about the tiny Polly Pocket Dolls.

Then we started looking around and saw those GI Joe guys. My brother played with those, and with all of the Star Wars action figures. Descartes can't remember what he played with. I think he just dug under the house with his dad for his entire childhood. But I sort of have it in my head that if you have guns in your home which are real, then you can't have guns as toys. Well also I don't think guns are toys period. I don't even like water pistols..although at one point we did have a small space-man looking bubble gun to blow bubbles in the bathtub...but even that is gone now.

I said "no" to GI Joe to all of those crazy ninja figures and anything else that seemed to come with a gun a grenade or both. Then I saw Superman...and Wonderwoman

and I will finish my thoughts later since Jake thinks he can fly and is on the counter right now.
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