08 June, 2010

This Would Make A Great Reality Show

The premise: Without getting divorced, or running off the road, between June 3 - June 16, can you...
  • Plan three birthday parties for an almost four year old? Remember to include the guest list, the menu planning and any communication surrounding these parties.
  • Wash all the slipcovers and pillow covers from two couches?
  • Research, then buy, then install a room air conditioner?
  • Take apart the entire dishwasher, wash all of the pieces, make a repair and put it all back together and have it still run?
  • Butt your nose into the planning of your 20th high school reunion, send out a survey, then breathe a sigh of relief when the other organizers use the data you collected and take back over the planning?
  • Answer 40 emails about reunion any way?
  • Go to Costco three times and Safeway six times?
  • Break down all the cardboard that has been collecting at your house since January, get it in the car, drive it down the hill and leave it for pick up on the correct day/week of the month?
  • Work 18 hours a week at a "real job" with deadlines 6 days a week?
  • Cry over a dead router/modem?
  • Research, install, reinstall, call tech support, give up on tech support, then reinstall successfully a new modem/router?
  • Have your husband out of town for 6 out of 10 days?
  • Take your kid to swimming lessons?
  • Watch a sappy movie about a puppy with your nearly four old, because life is short and she will only be a kid this one time who wants to snuggle and watch sappy puppy movies?
  • Attend a benefit for a really great therapeutic riding ranch?
  • Launch an amazing new project "The Thinking Person's Guide to Autism"
  • Take your special needs son to the dentist where he undergoes anesthesia and subsequently must be watched for 8 hours so he doesn't fall down on his face.
  • Buy your birthday girl a new outfit for her birthday, lose it somewhere in the house and find it again in time for her party?
  • Forget that your special needs son who had dental work last Thursday is up all night, each night for at least a week after anesthesia, and cries easily?
  • Clean out your mini van?
  • Pick up the dry cleaning and wash all the black socks you can find in time for your husband to pack for his business trip?
  • Attend an end of the year party for room one at the preschool.
  • Clean out the refrigerator?
  • Prepare the house for five family members and their one elderly dog?
  • Remember to send a Father's Day Card to one of your dads who is traveling out of the country?
  • Put together any items you will need in August for a cross-country road trip on an RV?
  • Pay the bills?
  • Do all of the kids' paperwork for March, April and May?
  • Clean out your closet?
  • Drive to another city to pick up a prescription for your snk's narcotics, then drive to two pharmacies to get the prescription filled?
  • Feel like a failure because you can only see one way your daughter is going to be able to take cupcakes to school, and that's if Safeway makes them?
  • Order a sheet cake AND a Belle princess cake at Safeway while you're there, because if you are taking the easy way out you may as well make your life really easy?
  • Sleep at least 4 hours each night?
  • Drive without falling asleep each day?
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