01 June, 2010

Freeze Frame

My sister is a photographer, and this weekend we tried to take a family photo. I had kind of forgotten that we were going to do this, which is better because I couldn't freak out about what we were going to wear (hmm? what DID I pack for the kids besides jeans with holes and dirty tennis shoes?) But this is important to me; one of the things on my 40 x 40 list is to have a picture of my family that is worthy of putting on the wall. Taking a photo of our family is such a tricky thing, and so emotionally loaded for me. Jake won't look at the camera, Lucy, apparently, won't sit still during a photo shoot, I am never, ever, happy with the "weigh" I look, and Descartes has a life-long dislike of having his photo taken (which is odd to me, because he's very photogenic I think.)

Here is one of the pictures from the shoot.. it is untouched, because, why bother to fix such greatness?
my family attempts to be photographed

This photo clearly does not give my sister's work justice, so stop by her website Mandy Martyn Images and look at her other work, (the shots with more beautiful and compliant humans in them!)
http://mandymartynimages.com. She's really very good, so I think she managed to get several photos that have some potential, and I think I saw at least one I liked of me and the hubbins, which is something we rarely have, since one of us is always chasing Jake or Lucy.

[Not to be too obnoxious, but if you like what you see at Mandy Martyn Images, there is still time to vote for her! Best of Tahoe: http://tahoetribune.upickem.net/engine/YourSubmission.aspx?contestid=17288 ]
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