24 November, 2009

Who ARE you?

Jake's face is so bruised from his fall that the facial recognition software on mysuperMac doesn't know who he is.

It is less black and blue in some places, and more in others. It is ugly.

Jake's precious teacher called me yesterday and suggested that since his Motrin had probably own off, perhaps I should pick him up from school...and so with Squid's two daughters already trapped in the car, we drove all the way to Wunderskool to get Jake. He was so happy to see Iz and Mali that I think he forgot about his nose for a bit. In fact, I swear I saw him blush when Iz said she liked his shirt later when we were in the car.

After Mali convinced a stranger  her new best friend, Jake's teacher, to open the bathrooms so she could go, we all piled into the car and went to Lucy's school. We were quite the entourage, with Mali skipping ahead, Iz chatting chatting and Jack lagging behind trying to shake me off of his arm while he wandered at his own pace, swollen-faced and silly...then we added Lucy.

It was a herculean effort to get them all off the playground, but the promise of Dairy Queen had ALL of them clamoring to the gate and heading towards the car.

Dairy Queen went so smoothly that I actually said out loud to Iz that I sometimes wished I "had this many kid."

Don't worry. Not. Gonna. Happen.
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