23 November, 2009

Doesn't that Hurt?

Jake is on his way to school now, the van slowly winding its way down the Peninsula until coming to rest at his personal oasis, WunderSkool. The doors will open and one of the precious, talented and caring aides will greet him...

and this morning they will gasp. Jake has a big old broken nose. It's so ugly that I haven't taken a photo, and probably won't post it because it will require a disclaimer.

Here is my artistic attempt using a stock photo from Adam:

It didn't actually happen on my watch, and for that I am grateful. Doesn't that sound awful? I just worry all day every day that something terrible will happen to my children, something that I could have prevented had I just been parenting a little bit more diligently.. well this is one of those times when I was not even in the building... so phew... Somehow I am perfectly aware that accidents happen and have no blame or harsh words for anyone else should my child be injured in their care, but, in my typical style, I have very little forgiveness for myself should something happen.

Okay since this is not all about me... poor Jake.. Descartes got the bleeding to stop fairly quickly, and Jake was never crying or upset at all. He just doesn't like to hold still. By the time I got home a half hour later Jake was playing and laughing and his head was swollen and turning colors. We gave him some motrin. He went to bed.

We haven't had a major injury for awhile.. not since the nail in the foot? Does that mean we had an injury-free summer? I know I'm missing something.. oh there was the time when he badly bruised his gentleman's region.

But whatever amount of pain he may be in he was sure ready to go to school this morning, waiting at the door again, and hiding his face from me when I said, "Let me look. If it's too bad maybe you shouldn't go to school." He said, "Aw Maaaaw, " and laughed and ran away. Okay fine. Go. GO to school... then I can just sit here and wait for them to call me to pick you up.

So I decided to be proactive. I just called school and warned them. His lovely teacher said, "Well, if there is any fresh red blood I'll call you and we can talk, otherwise if it's just old blood...it's got to go somewhere, so that's fine. Have a great day."

okay then...
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