17 November, 2009

Sleep Perchance to Dream

I should sleep. My babies are sleeping, my husband is sleeping, the dog passed out hours ago.. and here I am awake and so.. I will post a few photos:

Here is Lucy loving Leelo's 9th Birthday party.

Mostly because she got to wrestle all over her Daddy with one of her best friends Mali. Descartes is a very nice Daddy.

Jake had a great time at the party too. He even went into a jumpy house all on his own without any pushing or cajoling, although he preferred lying on his side and having the birthday boy's daddy talk to him through the netting. I think Jake likes all of the vestibular stimulation of a jump house (autism) but dislikes the feeling of instability (cerebral palsy)... kinda sucks when your comorbids are in conflict with each other. He usually spends his time at jumpy house parties trying to get behind the giant slides to see the blowers.

Over all we had a great time at the party. Lucy was over tired, but generally, it is always just so nice to be with "our peeps". We can really be all of ourselves with this group of people, and I think we all co-parent very nicely, providing hugs and hair tousles and chasing random kids back into the room if they have escaped down the hall, praising one special needs kid for helping out another "more special" kid.

My children feel safe and happy with these people, so Descartes and I do too. It's also nice that there is a mix of kids; boys and girls and age ranges and neuro-typical and non-typical development (way to go Rosenberg's for having a great group of friends!) .. and p.s. the staff that was working this particular day was very helpful and actually acted like they liked us, and our kids... and we were not a distraction from their lives. They worked hard and smiled and showed patience for our children.

It is just so great to see Jake laugh and smile again. It's like we have our boy back after 2 years. He can go to dinner (twice this weekend), experience new routines, open doors, laugh at his sister. He is growing and learning. I think school is going so well, that even though he may be starting "an episode" I think he is handling all of it so much better with the support and structure of school and the happy parents at home, that one dose of Maxalt may sweep whatever brain aches are starting to appear. I asked him tonight if his head hurt and he made this weird face, not a yes, but not no either. He's been doing I Dream of Jeanie squints for yes.... but he was trying to answer me. We are going to get there, a little bit at a time.

It just feels like we are on track right now, except for the laundry and the dishes, but those things are every day (all day!)... right now we are even keel, able to take on a smidgen more work or study...or perhaps a touch of relaxation?

Every once in a while it feels like we are all okay, and it's alright to rest for a moment,

and dream, just a little bit.

and with that, I am off to bed.
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