12 October, 2009

Just Glue It

I know I am a bit accident prone. There are a number of reasons...impatience, more things to do than time to do them, over-confidence in ability, taller/bigger than the average person (I'm 5'11 so I don't fit as well, into cars for example), and of course the genes I came with that wire me more for a nimble Scrabble game than world class goal tending. Still, after all these years I am surprised when I see blood dripping off my left hand (it is always my right hand attacking the left...perhaps my right hand knows I'm destined to go to hell and is trying to hack off the offending parts?) I get irritated when I run into things, or worse when I find a giant bruise and can't remember where I got it because I have run into so many things that day. So there I was again, sewing shears in right hand and blood on my left, dripping onto the fabric below. *fanTAStic*.

I took a strip of clean t-shirt that was destined for the rag bag (I had just actually cut it into pieces not 5 minutes before) and tied it around my finger, checked on my son who was playing ever so nicely out on the deck. Then I sat down on the bed and cursed a blue streak. (hmm I've never actually used that phrase before).

I called Descartes and asked if he could work from home so I could avoid taking Jake to the doctor with me... this story starts to bore me here, but let me just say that I made an appointment with a doctor in an office for a time that worked that day with childcare, Lucy pick up and our dinner guests.

I got a call from the advice nurse, who wanted to know the size, shape, number of blood droplets currently falling etc. Then she told me I needed to go to Urgent Care. I assured her that I was all taken care of, having smartly made an appointment with a Medical Doctor. She deflated my triumph with this lovely moment, "We can't do sutures in the doctor's office."

I'm sorry. WTF? I bet I could drop a few stitches in on the side of a trail, with a regular needle and dental floss (but Wow! would that minty wax hurt!) How is it that doctors don't do stitches anymore?

I called back Descartes. He stopped at Ace hardware. I poured rubbing alcohol over it, pinched it together and he glued it together with Krazy Glue. It's not pretty, and it's not completely healed after nearly a week, but it's okay. I'll live (clearly), and I have about $500 more dollars in my pocket for skipping the stitches.
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