14 January, 2009

Son Rise

Not *that* Son Rise.. although I did look at their program quite a bit for Jake..no MY son..woke this morning nearly an hour before he normally does. Yesterday he was difficult to wake and get moving out of bed. His teacher called me yesterday to say he was spending a lot of time with his head down on the desk, and seemed more agitated than ususal, especially given how well he's been doing both in December and back to school in January.

I think it's time for another episode. We forget. In between the bad parts we really do forget that those bad parts ever happened. Jake has been so happy lately, and making choices. And what's better than that is his new ability to make choices (scanning across items or icons) in nearly real time. It sometimes took minutes, many of them to process and make a choice, now I am seeing him scan acrosss the choices and decide... right there and then.

Let's just hope that this episode can be thwarted with some Maxalt.

Lucy was up between 3:40 and 4:20 she just wanted someone to talk to...someone named Mommy.
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