01 May, 2008

Super Geek!

I just reformatted my computer. It's really not hard. Ijust popped in a disk after sorting through hundred and hundred of files.

In fact it was sort of like organizing a bunch of paper, setting half of them on fire then pulling out a new notebook.

My computer is no longer singing that high-pitched sad whine...perhaps I can rejoin the wired world.

We are back from Seattle and the show was fantastic! Sage was HIL-LARRY-US. I love to hear my husband laugh like that. More when am not so cranky because it was much too wonderful a weekend to spoil with computer drama.

We have a reading next week at Angelica's Bistro downtown, so make your reservations.

Wednesday May 7th 7:30pm
Angelica's Bistro
863 Main Street, Redwood City, CA 94063
Tel. 650.365.3226

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