11 May, 2008

Descartes' Birthday Present to Me

I forgot to post this earlier. My birthday is in February, but it took a long time to get framed.. so very kind of him, it's the cover of the book Can I Sit With You? Descartes is always good at thoughtful gifts... for Mother's day today he managed to find good candy corns (in May!) a kumquat tree (one of my favorite fruits), and we went together on a family adventure up and down the Peninsula searching for and eventually buying backyard patio furniture.
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That's blood on Jake's face. He started bleeding while we were in Ikea. He wasn't upset, just sort of cracking up (which is, now that I think about it, a way that he deals with pain ugh.) We sort of made a hurry up decision and got out of the gigantor store instead of fighting our way back up to meatballs in the cafe which we had planned on (Lucy was singing a meatball song.. poor girl.)

Instead we drove the kids through McDonald's. Lucy and Jake were pleased to see chocolate shakes, and Jake apparently has entered a new level of eating.. he now eats like a man. A man. Crickey he ate a 5 piece chicken select meal with a bloody mouth. Lucy then proceeded to pour nearly an entire shake down the front/side of her. We heard a large "Uh Oh!" as we had started to drive away.
It's a little blurry, but here's the photo...
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