08 February, 2008

Apparently I am a Grown Up

So last night as we drove to Tahoe with way too little sleep under my belt, I was trying to find ways to keep my mind active while I navigated the car through the Bay Area and on through Sacramento while Descartes dozed until it was his turn to wind up the mountains.

I decided to go through each major high school dance in my head; Homecoming, Winter Formal, Sadie Hawkins, Prom Spring Fling, anything I could remember. I tried very hard to remember my dress, my shoes, my hair, my corsage, my date, who we went with and where the event was held.

It was pretty funny to recall... Freshman year, Homecoming Dance: Red two piece strapless yarn-dyed tafetta with peplum, dyed-to match very low heels (last time I did that!), long (past my shoulders) blond wavy hair with bangs like this (almost exactly, Renee and I could have been sisters!), corsage two baby red roses with baby's breath, my date TOM TYLER! I am pretty sure we went with Nikki E. and Jill G and their dates (who I can't remember). I think we ate at a surf and turf, and someone (not my date) ordered the Phillet Mihg Non (Filet Mignon).

I get through most of the dances and dresses, and nearly all of the dates (except the senior who asked me to prom my freshman year..he was a nice guy, a swimmer I think with beautiful surfer blonde red hair). I figure out halfway through my reminiscing that I went to every major dance, and most of the other ones; perhaps another way to know that I haver always had a nice little life.

Today I received an email from Gloria, my mom. It is a forward from the neighbor family I grew up next to. The older-sister's daughter was the flower girl in my wedding nearly ten years ago. The pictures attached to the email? They are from my flower girl's first high school formal. Whoomph. Wow. Okay. I was JUST there wasn't I? Apparently not.

At least I still have the faculty of recall eh?
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