19 September, 2011

Ya' Been Busy?

from my mom, after almost a week without hearing from me, and no blog posts to read:

I assume I still have a daughter??? have ya been busy?

my response:

Work presentation, finally got my hair cut/highlighted for first time since May, editing TPGA manuscript.  

Lucy lost her backpack (with awesome lunchbox, all of the cool boxes that actually fit inside, a new pleather jacket that she has worn once), several school functions. 

Triennial IEP for Jake, which is a very big deal with a lot of talk about deficits..reestablishes his being able to stay at Wunderskool. Then annual meeting with Regional Center social worker to determine eligibility of respite hours etc.; more talk about deficits.

Sister and boys in town since Thursday.

Jake very agitated for the past week or so, hitting himself, hard, on thigh and face, and not sleeping. Lucy lost another tooth. (I told her the tooth fairy can't come until Monday night.)

Seems like everyone has reflux . Screen door (in the back) has been removed because it broke beyond repair.

Every after school child-care/aide we have, has changed their hours. And now, backed up plumbing-snaked it four times.

That is the last SIX days. I wonder what Monday will hold (aside from calling the plumber at 8am)?


of course we did do fun things too, which I failed to mention in my email.

in those same six days:

I visited my son's classroom and got to introduce a new aide to how we interact with Jake.

I cleaned up the dining room table (my office) by putting things away or throwing them away rather than stashing the stuff somewhere else.

We went as a family to my daughter's soccer team. (Yes, I am the 'team mom', but I asked someone else to bring the snacks this week! I asked for help!)

We went to an evening fundraiser at Lucy's school and ate cotton candy and looked at cool cars.

I put some finishing touches on an awesome project I'm working on.

We had a prodcutive editorial meeting for TPGA, and we are well on our way to getting the book out.

My husband, sister, and I went out with friends to a new Tepanyaki resturant and practically had our eyebrows singed off at the Benihana-style grill table.

We home-brewed beer on Saturday night so that it will be ready for my sister's birthday.

We took all of our umpteen kids downtown to listen to music and play for free on inflatable jump houses.

and I took a nap.

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