23 July, 2010

That Rush

  • Singing Pat Benatar Love is a Battlefield in front of a crowded bar...or singing just about anything in front of a crowd.
  • Coasting in to the yard in Tahoe after a bike ride home from the beach.
  • Booking a dinner reservation for ten people in New York City to break bread with great people at BlogHer '10
  • Watching my son, who appears to be walking aimlessly on the periphery of the group, laugh just before the punchline of a story I'm telling about him, because he's heard me tell the story before, and knows what I am going to say next.
  • Looking at a map of our Great Cross Country adventure we are planning.
  • Discovering vegetables growing in bounty in our mildly neglected garden.
  • Hearing my daughter tell me I am "beautiful candy-sweetness", because I know how much that girl loves candy.
  • Making dinner for my family and friends, and watching everyone tear into my homemade cherry pie.
  • Just thinking about taking the train from Washington D.C. to Penn Station, by myself.
  • Dancing with my husband.
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