28 July, 2010


  • My daughter and a full bottle of kiddie shampoo. Five minutes alone and she will empty that thing onto any surface she can find, swish her hands around and call it science.
  •  A migraine and taking care of three children. I just stole one of Jake's Maxalts because I got the little aura so badly I almost couldn't drive home from the car wash.
  • My kitchen counters and organization. No matter how diligently I sort the mail or put things away as they come into the house, our kitchen is a thoroughfare and a drop zone for things moving from one place to the next. 
  • My Internet connection and consistency I have had the spinning wheel of Mac death every time I click, despite rebooting. I can't even play Bejeweled because the connection keeps dropping...but only for 2-4 seconds at a time.
  • My body and sleep. Okay this is not entirely true. I love to sleep. Actually I love to nap, but the only time I feel like I can have any peace in my mind to work is after the children are asleep, and by then I am tired, and my brain doesn't work as quickly, so things take longer...and it is a bad cycle.
  • My son and clean hands. That boy loves to eat, and he loves to play in the dirt. Between the two I have yet to see a day when his hands did not require a reservoir-draining amount of water to get to a non-hazard state.
  • My dining room table and dining. Right now the dining room table is my desk and Cross Country adventure headquarters. Two chairs have boxes on them where we have been tossing items  we need to remember to pack, like headlamps and kid sunglasses and toothbrush covers.
  • My blog and consistent posting I think I can finally say I have too many things going on, and I am not nearly keeping up with some of the most pressing things. Descartes and I will launch our big adventure on www.haveautismwilltravel.com, well I suppose it's already there. So I do hope I will post more content before we leave, and that you'll follow along on our trip.


I wrote this list earlier in the day, in about 11 minutes, possibly less. This was the only time my daughter and her girlfriend were unsupervised. I heard them go downstairs to play dollies in Lucy's room. I was just going down to check on them when they re-appeared at the top of the stairs. 
They were naked, giggling and  
covered in toothpaste. 
bright blue, bubblegum scented (and flavored) toothpaste.

playdate over. 

mommy. all. done.
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